Life is full of stressors and always will be…


Life is full of stressors and always will be. Why add to them if you don’t have to?

Add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet. Your body will love you.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods:

Hemp Seeds
Fatty Fish
Leafy Greens
Coconut Oil
Chia Seeds
Grass-fed Collagen or Bone Broth
Cruciferous Vegetables
Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil
Dark Chocolate (in moderation)

CBD Oil is also a great anti-inflammatory. (Talk to your doctor before using,
especially if you are on prescription drugs.) You can read more about CBD Oil here


*Make sure you’re getting enough pre and probiotics. Your gut will love you for it.*

Eat high-protein, low carbohydrate. (Make sure to eat your fruits and veggies)

Eat small amounts every 2-3 hours, graze

Drink a lot of water, both your body and adrenals need to stay hydrated. (A great water formula to follow is weight/2=ounces) So if you weigh 110 pounds, divided by 2 = 55 oz of water a day. That’s 55 ounces of water you need to drink a day:)

Do low impact exercises, meditate, try gentle yoga.

*On vitamins- If your taking a multi-vitamin liquid is better. Liquid vitamins absorb
into your body for better delivery, so your digestive system doesn’t have to work
overtime to break down a pill. The vitamin B12 helps with stress, and you need to
get B12 from the foods you eat or a supplement.*

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