Foods to Avoid For Adrenal Fatigue

Signs of adrenal fatigue

Foods to Avoid For Adrenal Fatigue

White sugar
White flour
Fried food
Processed food
Fast food
Artificial sweeteners

Gluten: Gluten intolerance and food allergies run hand in hand with adrenal
fatigue. You may want to try an elimination diet to figure out what foods are
stressing out your system. Eliminating foods from your diet doesn’t have to be hard, start with the foods you can live without and go from there.

Caffeine: No one wants to hear this but getting off caffeine could be one of the
healthiest things you do for your adrenals. Try drinking a big glass of water first
thing in the morning to flush out your body of toxins, drink an energizing
smoothie, some green tea, or white tea. Try tricking your brain buy drinking Crio Bru Ghana roasted cacao beans or something similar. (It works for me.) Crio Bru is packed full of antioxidants, has a similar consistency to coffee and not nearly as much caffeine in it. The French Roast is my favorite.


*Food for thought. Have your Dr. Check your DHEA levels. The hormone DHEA
plays an essential role in keeping your adrenals functioning correctly.*

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