The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Good

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post anything. This is how the last month has treated me.

The Good!

I set up a new page for my meditations that I’ll soon be making available to everyone. Check it out!


The human body is a fantastic machine. Awake or asleep your heart automatically pumps and circulates your blood, your lungs keep you breathing, your digestive systems digests the food you eat to give you the nutrients you need, and your body completes many other vital processes without you lifting a finger. Your body also has the phenomenal ability to bounce back and heal itself. Most of the time. Unfortunately, you may get to a point in your life when your body can no-longer work optimally.

Constant bombardments of stress, particularly sudden and intensely stressful situations, negative beliefs and thoughts that keep you bogged down, and many other daily problems can knock the body’s self-regulating mechanisms out of whack making it harder for your body to do its job. These complications can result in a decline of your energy and have a significant effect on the health of your body, mind, and spirit. Not only does an unbalanced overstressed lifestyle cause irritation, anger, and outbursts. Stress can cause you to suffer from headaches, stomach aches, muscle tension, and pain. It may lead you to feel anxious, restless, and depressed, or you may even start overeating, under-eating or reaching for alcohol or drugs for relief.

If you’re looking to clear your mind and reconnect with your inner self-meditation could be just the tool you need to calm down and enhance your awareness. Guided meditations can be a great tool to add to your toolbox.

Some of the benefits:

Meditation can be grounding and relaxing. Meditation can clear your brain of unwanted thoughts. Meditation can lift your spirit up to higher levels of awareness. Meditation can reduce stress. The best part: the only thing you need to do is listen and relax.

Are you willing to take 10-15 minutes out of your day to take care of your inner self? Once you get into the habit of meditating the benefits you’ll experience will make you wonder why you didn’t start this great habit sooner.


Coming Soon

Chakras copyUnderstanding Chakras is an integral part of Reiki and energy healing. It’s believed that each of us has Chakra ‘wheels’ at the main energy centers in our bodies, which ‘turn’ as the life force energy moves through us. We have seven main Chakras, with each one relating to a specific location, function, and color. Reiki Masters can provide significant benefits to clients when applying Chakra balancing. By working on the Chakra areas, Reiki Masters can get the Universal Life Force Energy flowing which causes the Chakra wheels to start moving, removing slow or stuck energy. All of the tools you need to clear the clutter are within you!


Chakra balancing is an integral part of energy work. It helps us stay connected to the life force within us. When our chakras are blocked, our energy can become stagnant. Blocked chakras can affect us in many forms. Mental and physical illness or anger and depression are just a few of the ways stagnant energy can manifest. That being said~

I’m now going to take you on a journey to open your chakras, feel better, and sweep away the negative energies creating these blocks.

Coming Soon

The Bad!


I managed to get some kind of virus, and it was not the common cold, though it did feel like it started out as the common cold. I was able to push through the first stage of the virus and I got my YouTube account up plus I started working on my meditations for YouTube.

The Ugly:(




Not only does the virus going around our town linger, it comes back! I spent two more weeks feeling horrible! Fever, chills, and very low energy. Yep, I didn’t get much work done during that time.

The Good!

I’m feeling better. I’m still a little tired but that could be just the fall weather. While I was moping around the house sick I did find some new recipes to give all of you:)


Cornish Game Hens

I only made a couple of adjustments to this recipe. I stuffed the hen with garlic and I added rosemary to the basting broth. I then let the broth sit for about 30 minutes before using it.

The bird came out of the oven flavorful, moist and delicious!

cornish game hen
Photo by Jean Ann

 French Almond Flour Crepes

These are so easy to make you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried them before:)

I did puree up some frozen strawberries and I mixed the strawberries with cream cheese since I didn’t have any coconut cream on hand.

*She also has a recipe for avocado chocolate cookies I’d like to try*


I love to munch on beet chips sometimes and normally I buy hummus at the store, but this time I wanted to try my hand at making hummus, again. I still can’t get it quite as smooth as I’d like. It may be time to buy a new blender!

I did use smoked paprika instead of cayenne pepper

Photo by Trent Lanz and styling by Alicia Buszczak
Photo by Trent Lanz and styling by Alicia Buszczak


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