Summer Butter Sale

This will be a surpriseso please SHUSH!

Limited Supply-Contact Me for Orders

If you’re like me, you have many tools in your toolbox to help with anxiety and stress relief and if you don’t, well now is a good time to start adding those tools. Fragrant body butter can be a great way to unwind.

Essential oils have lovely therapeutic value and can change your mood. Making them with natural kinds of butter also gives our bodies the moisture it needs. Why not get both in one application? My personal body butter is made out of natural nut butter, oils, and fragrances. They are lightly scented so they are not overpowering.

On Special until the end of July

I carry vanilla, Indian sandalwood, pine, lavender mint, and double dipped chocolate strawberry.

$16 for a 4oz Tin                            $30 for 2-4oz tins                               $60 for 4-4oz tins

Located in the Los Alamos area. Delivery &/or pick-up to be determined upon order. Allow 2-3 days.


Normal Prices

Vanilla can bring you a true sense of bliss while calming your anxieties. It is also known to work as an antidepressant. That is why I created a fragrance that will give us Pure Vanilla Bliss.

1/2 oz. size $3.00                       4oz. size $16.00

Indian Sandalwood has calming properties as well as gives you a memory boost and mental clarity.

1/2 oz. size $3.00                      4oz. size $16.00

Pine improves your focus and mood while stimulating your mind and body as it combats stress and anxieties. It also helps with mental clarity.

1/2 oz. size $3.00                      4oz. size $16.00

Lavender Mint is infused with the clean scent of Lavender and has calming effects that help with stress and anxiety. Mint improves focus and mental calmness.

1/2 oz. size $3.00                      4oz. size $16.00

Boost your positive emotions, mental well being, and add a little fun to your daily routine with the sweet scent of Double Dipped Chocolate Strawberry.

1/2 oz. size $3.00                      4oz. size $16.00



Do Not Use If You Have A Nut Allergy!

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