Now Available: My Secret Recipe

If you’re like me, you have many tools in your toolbox to help with anxiety and stress relief and if you don’t, well now is a good time to start adding those tools. Fragrant body butter can be a great way to unwind and I’ve decided to share my secret recipe for the great price of $7.95. You can use this recipe to come up with your own preferred scents. Mix, match, add, subtract, become creative, or just follow the recipe.

Essential oils have lovely therapeutic value and can change your mood. Making them with natural kinds of butter also gives our bodies the moisture it needs. Why not get both in one application? My personal body butter is made out of natural nut butter, oils, and fragrances. They are lightly scented so they are not overpowering and when you make your own you can stylize the scent to your preference.

Buy Now for the great price of $7.95

This is the recipe you’ll be getting…

Lavender Mint

Lavender Mint is infused with the clean scent of Lavender and has calming effects that help with stress and anxiety. Mint improves focus and mental calmness.

Some ways I use my body butter:

  1. Skin, face, wherever it is needed!
  2. Save a razor! Apply to legs and underarms and shave:)
  3. Use in your hair. Apply a small amount in your hair before bedtime and wash out in the morning. Your hair sucks up the oils so it won’t leave a greasy stain on your pillow.
  4. Condition your nails and cuticles with it.
  5. Open it up and smell it for a nice calming effect on your senses.
  6. Use it in place of deodorant.

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