Live From Christy Whitman & The QSCA “The 11 myths of life Coaching”

I’m glad you’re here reading this blog. I joined the QSCA in September 2018. I wasn’t absolutely sure if I wanted to become a Law of Attraction Coach, but I did know for certain that I wanted to enhance and transform my life into something greater. I will admit, I was notorious for searching the internet for tips and tricks on how to change my life to make the law of attraction work for me. The internet is great for information, but sometimes I felt like I was trying to solve a puzzle and honestly I didn’t have the time I would have liked to put the puzzle together. I needed someone to teach me from beginning to end. I needed the support, and I needed to be able to ask questions and get honest answers.

Like most people I want a better and brighter future (I’m still growing.) Through the QSCA I have been able to achieve goals and aspirations I never thought I’d be able to and I’ve made great progress in a short amount of time! I will also be a Certified Personal Transformation Coach before the end of this year! Was 10 months of this class worth my time? Absolutely!! The amount of information, support, knowledge and many other wonderful gifts I received from the QSCA is priceless.

The QSCA doors are now officially open so the next few posts will give you insight on what the QSCA is all about.


The Quantum Success Coaching Academy [QSCA] has certified over 3,500 coaches since 2008, and since that time many things have changed in the world of coaching (such as it becoming a billion dollar industry), but some things have NOT changed… such as the “core” of what coaching is all about.

Coaching = Life Transformation

I believe coaching is BOOMING industry because it reflects a growing desire of humanity to unlock their full potential. And for those that choose not to settle and are willing to step outside of their comfort zone… Live can truly be unlimited. This is something I’ve experienced first hand, and I’d like to share that experience with you.

Ok, so what’s the catch??? (Yes, there’s a catch).

If you have any interest in becoming a successful life coach – the first transformation that must take place is yours.

You Can’t Share What You Don’t Have

You’ll be amazed with what you can accomplish in your life if you choose to commit to a path of growth…and that’s why I created this training series.

So if you’re willing to stick with me in this series, I’d like to show you how passion, purpose and profits can become part of your everyday life.

A Word Of Warning – Don’t Fall for Myths about Coaching

As I mentioned in the opening of this email, Coaching is now a billion dollar industry. And while this is great for existing coaches, it does create a calling card for “imposters” and “pop-up” companies that offer supposed cheap and easy solutions to becoming a coach. It also can cause potentially great coaches to feel overwhelmed about becoming a coach.

“Is coaching right for you?”… That’s the question we’ll uncover together.

So let’s start with getting to the core truths of coaching and clear away the false information around coaching.

Video 1 ” The 11 myths of life Coaching”

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