What it Takes to Build a Coaching Practice

When you study successful people you’ll find they have coaches and mentors in their corner.

Once I realized this, I thought to myself, “If this is what’s working for successful people, then why not walk the same path?” And once I hired my first coach, my life transformed.

Learn How I Built a Multi-Million Dollar Coaching Practice

If you choose to watch this video series with an open mind (and taking notes) then technically, I’ll be your coach during this series 🙂

And in today’s video I’d like to share the principles that allowed me to build a multi-million dollar coaching practice.

Now here’s the good news, whether you decide to become a coach or not, I believe you’ll find this series transformative.

But if you DO have an interest in becoming a coach, then it’s important that your practice is built upon the right principles. It’s not enough to want to be a coach and help people, you MUST build your coaching practice on solid principles, and that’s what we’ll be covering in today’s video.

Video #2 Building A Solid Foundation

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