Thinking of Starting a Coaching Career? QSCA & Christy Whitman

Have you considered a career in coaching?

It’s currently one of the fastest growing industries requiring close to ZERO start up fees (unlike a brick and mortar business).

  • It’s profitable
  • It’s purposeful
  • And pretty fun once you begin to witness clients getting results

So what’s the best way to start a career in coaching?

  • Self study at home with workbooks or pre-recorded videos?
  • One of those online colleges that can certify you in 4 weeks?
  • Fake it till you make it? (This is where you just proclaim you’re a coach on Instagram or Facebook and invest in expensive photography)

Whatever you choose my hope is that you pick something based on what’s best for your clients. Ask yourself this question: “Which coaching program will best serve my future clients?”

Now, you may already know this, but the coaching business is a billion dollar industry. This is why there are LOTS of coaching programs available to choose from.

Introducing the QSCA program

In this email I’d like to take an honest look at what the QSCA program has to offer and why it has been one of the most successful coaching programs for over 11 years.

Here we go.

LIVE Classes: Our coaching program does not leave you alone on a lonely self study journey. There are live classes that will allow you to connect with master coaches and other coaches on the same journey.

10 Months of Training: Just the other day we had someone call into our customer service department asking about the QSCA program. When they found out the training program was 10 months they were immediately turned off. And that’s fine – we pride ourselves on the amount of training we give our students before acquiring a certification. Actually, I think 10 months is pretty fast considering most of our coaches join our program with the objective of building a new career. I know I wouldn’t want to work with a doctor that only went to school for 6 months and the same goes for a coach. Our education is for our clients, so the more we invest in ourselves, the more we are investing in the results of our clients.

11 Years of Experience: QSCA has proudly been certifying coaches since 2008. Now, I don’t know about you – but if I was going to select a coaching certification program I would want one that has an established reputation and curriculum. So don’t be fooled by a fancy website and logo. There are plenty of opportunists out there offering coaching “certifications” as a means of making money – rather than caring about the quality of coaches they are producing.

Student Success: With over 3,500 certified coaches the QSCA program has found what works. We constantly receive emails from QSCA alumni that share how our program has changed their lives – and the lives of those they serve. I can’t even describe how inspiring it is to read these messages of love, courage and growth!

I still coach: With a coaching career that began in 2001 in the back of a small book store in California, I am now a Master coach and command $500 an hour for my private coaching work. I am the creator of the QSCA program and I am still growing and learning as a coach each and every day. My example continues to bring a positive light to the coaching industry as I have won numerous awards and am now an accomplished 2-time New York Times Best Selling Author.

This is why we believe the QSCA program is the right fit for someone that is SERIOUS about starting a full-time or part-time career in coaching.

I would be honored to be a part of your journey.

Imagine and Enjoy,


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