I survived Zombieland and taxes

Several weeks ago I managed to pick up a very nasty flu virus. I don’t get them often and for that I am entirely grateful. This one took me down. I either stayed in bed or on the couch sleeping. The first day it appeared I had a mega fever. I can’t tell you how high my fever was because I had absolutely no energy to even get up and find the thermometer to take my temperature. The second day of the flu, I was able to get up and get some water and take my temperature, I was averaging a little over 102.2. It wasn’t fun but by the fourth day I was back down to my regular temp and feeling more human. During those first 3 days I felt like I’d been zombiefied without the need to feed on human brains anyway. Hmm… now that I think back on it, I wonder if human brains would have helped? Right after the flu left my body I ended up with what I could only describe as a mix between bronchitis and pneumonia. I’m not sure I had either one but it sure did feel like it! I ended up with a burning sensation in my lungs and a bad cough that is still lingering. The good news is that I have been told by several people that the cough goes away in about a month, and I’ve had it for almost a month now. I’m looking forward to that going away.

Right towards the end of needing a little more sleep to get healthy again and feeling healthy again tax time came up. Yes, I could have used another 2 days of extra sleep, but taxes were unavoidable. I survived that too and it only took me three days to do them! Whew! Next year I’m handing them over to someone else:)

In appreciation for not turning into a full blown zombie and surviving taxes I am offering Distance Reiki treatments for $80.00 until the end of February. That’s $10 dollars off the normal price. For more information on Distant Reiki and if it is right for you follow this link.

Be aware, become grateful, love the life you live:)

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