A Little About Me



On a healthy lifestyle.

I visited my Dr. a few years back because of the fatigue I was going through, and she had me get some blood work done. Everything came back great except for low vitamin D (crazy since I live in New Mexico where the sun shines most of the year) and hormone imbalance.

She put me on a low carb diet to balance my hormones. Scream! What did I ever do to deserve this? I’m an avid hiker, so I’m not overweight. I had to go gluten-free, so I eat relatively healthy. Hmm… Getting older is not for the weak minded, especially if you’re female.

When I looked back at my diet, I will admit that I was drinking more sugar than I realized-energizing teas. And I fell into the starch zone, mainly potatoes, and rice flour. Both convert to sugar in your body. So yes my carb intake was a little higher than it should have been. And taking into consideration, I was a working mother who had just become an author. I was under a lot of stress, I didn’t realize it at the time, so my body did what was natural-it started to rebel. Little did I know that I was also entering the beginning stages of adrenal fatigue.

Signs of adrenal fatigue


Why mention adrenal fatigue? Stress and eating unhealthy can lead you straight to adrenal fatigue. Don’t get me wrong; I like my sleep, but not when it interferes with living my life.

Last year was a doozy. The stress and anxiety from family issues led me to total exhaustion, and even though I was still eating reasonably healthy (when I was eating, I don’t eat much when I’m stressed), I ended up with adrenal fatigue. It can take up to a year and a half to heal adrenal fatigue and taking preventative measures now is essential for overall health.

*It can take up to a year and a half to heal adrenal fatigue.*

The fact that I was on the road more often than not in 2017 didn’t help matters. It can be difficult finding healthy places to eat in some towns. And because the family matters took up so much of my time, well… hikes and exercise fell by the wayside too.

Last summer I got tired of being exhausted all of the time, so I went back to school and focused on my health every chance I had which led me to become a Health Coach. Feeding my body with clean, healthy foods helped bring me back from the dead, so to speak. But I needed more so I became a Reiki Master and energy healer. Using energy healing alongside nutrition has helped me to heal faster than I expected and has given me the full spectrum of holistic healing I need.

*Added bonus-weight loss and more energy.*

Now I would like to help you help yourself by taking a positive stance to reclaim the energetic life you are meant to have through the use of nutrition and energy healing.

*Fun fact- I am also an author under the pen name Lynn Thompson


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