About Victoria

Victoria is a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Certified Law Of Attraction Coach specializing in Personal Transformation. She is also a Certified Reiki Master, Meditation Guide and Nutritionist.

She incorporates her healing knowledge and energy work to help her clients find their strength, energy, and healing abilities. She works with clients directly to help them release unwanted energy and align with their full potential. She encourages everyone who works with her to take a positive stance in reclaiming the life they desire.

Victoria is a member of the Natural Healer Society and is a certified Usui Reiki Master. Victoria is also a certified Meditation Guide and Chakra Healer through the Natural Healer Society. Through Shaw Academy, she became a certified Nutritionist. In her extra time, she writes fiction books under the name Lynn Thompson Books and makes all natural body butter that is available for local pick-up.


Victoria started working with healing arts to improve her healing journey after a severe bout of stress, anxiety, and fatigue. She didn’t realize at the time when she started her healing journey that her body was naturally rebelling because of the imbalances of stress and negative emotions. Once Victoria became aware of these imbalances she was able to gently remove them through her Reiki abilities which led to greater well being and having a more positive stance in life. “Using energy healing alongside nutrition has helped me to heal faster than I expected and has given me the full spectrum of holistic healing I need.” By adding meditations to Victoria’s routine, she has been able to stay centered throughout the day. Victoria’s journey hasn’t stopped there; she is now a Certified Law of Attraction Coach from the QSCA specializing in Personal Transformation so she can continue to improve her life as well as help people improve their life.

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Victoria uses her natural ability and intuition to tune in to your deeper blocks and emotions while working with Reiki. She can find the affected areas of imbalance quickly and remove the blocks that are causing unwanted negative energy by placing her hands over the affected areas of the body that need healing energy. Victoria uses energy work and Reiki to provide her clients with a holistic healing experience that rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit.

Through Meditations she shows you how to ground and relax, clear your mind of unwanted thoughts and lift your spirit up to higher levels of awareness while reducing stress so you can re-align with your well-being.

As a coach she works to assist you in your own personal transformation by helping you reach your goals, move through setbacks and create new ways of achieving the life you want to live.

She supports you and encourages you to set your intentions and she holds the vision of your future by implementing techniques such as using the Law Of Attraction to manifest your desires, visualization exercises, and utilizing what you have learned to create forward momentum in the areas of your life you would like to overcome.


  • Creative Writing
  • Leadership Development
  • Nutrition
  • Reiki
  • Tarot and Oracle Cards
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Chakra Healing
  • Law of Attraction Coaching

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