My Secret Recipes

Are you sitting around the house with nothing much to do? Are you feeling tired, depressed, and miserable?

The pandemic hasn’t been easy for many of us, myself included, so I’m here to give you some options that may help release some of these low level feelings. Here are a few things I’ve done myself to get through the day with grace and ease.

My Secret Recipe

If you’re like me, you have many tools in your toolbox to help with anxiety and stress relief and if you don’t, well now is a good time to start adding those tools. Fragrant body butter can be a great way to unwind and I’ve decided to share my secret recipe for the great price of $7.95. You can use this recipe to come up with your own preferred scents. Mix, match, add, subtract, become creative, or just follow the recipe.

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This is the recipe you’ll be getting…

Lavender Mint —> is infused with the clean scent of Lavender and has calming effects that help with stress and anxiety. Mint improves focus and mental calmness.

Essential oils have lovely therapeutic value and can change your mood. Making them with natural kinds of butter also gives our bodies the moisture it needs. Why not get both in one application? My personal body butter is made out of natural nut butter, oils, and fragrances. They are lightly scented so they are not overpowering.

The Bubble Technique

The bubble technique is a very easy tool that helps you let go of unwanted low level thoughts or negative thoughts if you will…

  • Frustration/ Irritation/ Impatience
  • Overwhelment
  • Disappointment
  • Doubt
  • Worry
  • Blame
  • Discouragement
  • Anger
  • Revenge
  • Hatred/ Rage
  • Jealousy
  • Insecurity/ Guilt/ Unworthiness
  • Fear/ Grief/ Depression/ Despair/ Powerlessness

Just close your eyes when you notice the thought entering your mind. Put the thought into a golden bubble in front of you and watch the bubble float away, dissipate, or picture yourself popping it with a needle.

A friend of mine often imagines a funny looking clown, fills it up with his frustrations then he takes a big needle and pops it.

I personally am not a big fan of clowns, so the act of imagining one gives me the creeps.

This practice can be quite liberating and the more you do it the easier it becomes.

The 68 Second Rule

This one is one of my personal favorites! It gives me a nice brain break while helping me focus on what I really want.

Did you Know? ” Within 17 seconds of focusing on something, a matching vibration becomes activated. And now, as the focus becomes stronger and the vibration becomes clearer, the Law of Attraction will bring you more thoughts that match. At this point, the vibration will not have much attraction power, but if you maintain your focus longer, the power of the vibration will become further reaching. And if you manage to stay focused on any thought for as little as 68 seconds, the vibration is powerful enough that its manifestation begins.” Abraham-Hicks

In other words… what you focus on expands!

As a child I had a great imagination and I am grateful my imagination stayed with me. Once I realized what I was attracting I turned my thoughts around. After all, why imagine dreading chores when you have the ability to imagine them getting done quickly and easily? Only you have the power to manifest your desires, good or bad.

Start with small things. Small desires are easily manifested and show up in your life at a faster rate… as an example, a parking space closer to the store or a friend calling you.

Manifesting a promotion or a new car will take a more time, but the more you focus on what you want, the quicker it will come to you. Remember to recognize your manifestations and be grateful.

If at any time a not so happy thought appears to you while your holding your 68 second manifestation, stop, right away, so you don’t manifest something you don’t want.

  • Have fun
  • Stay Safe
  • Stay Healthy


Working Through The Pandemic


Many of us feel like we don’ have much control of our own freedom and choices during this pandemic, myself included.

Most of us are waiting on unemployment checks that are at least a month overdue and are not sure how we’re going to survive next month because of the threat of the closers still looming over us well into May. Our community as a whole are dealing with social distancing, being told to stay indoors, wear gloves, wear facemasks, and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.

There is a limited supply of toilet paper at the grocery stores if you’re able to get to the store at the right time. If you can’t get to the store at the right time, you’re out of luck and have to rely on the tree outside:) Just kidding, I had to drive out of town to find toilet paper, but I didn’t run out. Would someone please explain to me why toilet paper is such a hot commodity?

I ended up making my own yogurt a few days ago. I was having a hard time finding plain yogurt that wasn’t 2% or fat-free. Both my cat and I eat it every day, and my cat will scream at me all day long if she doesn’t have her yogurt first thing in the morning. Yes, she’s spoiled, but it’s a healthy treat, and her 13-year-old tummy loves the pro-biotics.

There are always solutions to problems. The toilet paper just seems to the one that sticks out for me.

And then there are all of the other limits that have been placed over us so we can stay safe and healthy.

During this time, I have had several different thoughts on this pandemic ranging from negatives to positives that bounce around in my mind sometimes. It’s only natural. I’d prefer to stay on the positive side of life, but it hasn’t been an easy task considering the news, fear, anxiety, and scarcity of money, food, and toilet paper.

I have decided to keep my Distant Reiki services. Yes, I had to close my doors to in-house-clients, maybe it’s for the better. Times are changing, and the world is not going to be the same once the coronavirus dies out. Who knows, maybe more businesses will choose to keep their employees working on a remote basis only. It’s hard to tell while we are in the thick of things. As a matter of fact, most of my services will be changing along with my last name.

I’m reclaiming my birth name, Thompson, and have recently started that process. This means fees and a court date. I’m curious to know if that will be a skype thing or if I’ll actually be standing in front of a judge:) Once I get my name changed, I will no longer be writing under a Penn name, my author status will be true to the name on my books. My middle name is Lynn.

There are a lot of significant changes happening in my life right now, along with many other people’s lives, so my posts will more than likely still be scattered.

I am going to leave you with a fun process out of one of my favorite books by Ester and Jerry Hicks, The Magical Creation Box (see picture above.)

Stay safe and Healthy!!

I choose to use a small box because I am in the process of “clearing the clutter” or, as I like to say, “simplifying my life,” but feel free to use what resonates with you. The box you chose must resonate with you to amplify the energy within it, so when you pull it out, play with it, and add to it, the box will continuously bring you joy.

I added the picture to mine because I love angels!

Get a box, big or small, and one that resonates with you.

Write at the top of the box “Whatever is contained in this box–IS!”

Then start adding pictures of what brings you joy to your box. These pictures can come from the internet, magazines, books you own, etc…

“The more things you add to your box, the more the Universe will deliver to you other ideas that match them. And the more ideas you drop into your box, the more your desire is focused, the more alive you will feel–for this energy flowing through you is what life is.”

“If you have little or no resistance–in other words, if you have no doubt you can achieve these things, the experience will feel invigorating to you. The more you clip, the better you will feel, and you will be able to see the evidence of these things moving closer and closer into your experience. Doors will begin to open to make it possible for many of these things to easily come in right now.”

Tigers Heart150Have fun, stay healthy, stay safe.

Until next time…