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Find new ways to heal. Instead of absorbing the energy around you, you can protect your energy through different healing tools and strategies. Tools like crystals, Reiki treatments, and guided meditations.

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Victoria is a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Certified Law Of Attraction Coach specializing in Personal Transformation. She is also a Certified Reiki Master, Meditation Guide and Nutritionist.

She encourages everyone to take a positive stance in reclaiming the life they desire.

Victoria is a member of the Natural Healer Society and is a certified Usui Reiki Master. She is also a certified Meditation Guide and Chakra Healer through the Natural Healer Society. Through Shaw Academy, she became a certified Nutritionist. In her extra time, she is an author and writes fiction books under the name Lynn Thompson.


Victoria started working with healing arts to improve her healing journey after a severe bout of stress, anxiety, and fatigue. She didn’t realize at the time when she started her healing journey that her body was naturally rebelling because of the imbalances of stress, negative emotions, and energy. Soon Victoria realized she’s an Empath. Many of these negative energies did not belong to her.

Once Victoria became aware of these imbalances she was able to gently remove them through her Reiki abilities which led to greater well being and having a more positive stance in life. “Using energy healing alongside nutrition has helped me to heal faster than I expected and has given me the full spectrum of holistic healing I need.” By adding meditations to Victoria’s routine, she has been able to stay centered throughout the day. Victoria’s journey hasn’t stopped there; she is now a Certified Law of Attraction Coach from the QSCA specializing in Personal Transformation and she owns a metaphysical store so she can continue to improve her life as well as help people improve their life.

Since the pandemic started staying centered, grounded, and protecting myself from the negative emotional energies that are consuming the world has been my number one goal. Between the high emotional state of the country and the universal and earth shifts happening in this Aquarian Age staying balanced is a must in my life. This is one of the reasons I opened a Metaphysical Store. I use many of the items I sell, crystals for strength, balance, and protection; tarot cards or runes for moving forward in my life; candles, salt lamps, and incense for cleansing my space; aromatherapy for peace and calm; journals for journaling and so on. I also offer a nutritional guide for tending to our nervous system and much more.

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