April’s Reiki Review

The first time I visited Tiger’s Eye Healing, I had never tried Reiki before. I was experiencing a lot of stress at the time, and it was beginning to manifest itself physically in the form of fatigue, mood swings, and poor digestion. I was desperately trying to find a way to achieve some sort of solution without the aid of prescriptions or doctor visits, and I had read that Reiki was a successful treatment for these types of symptoms. I went into my first session with hope and an open mind.

When I arrived at my first visit, Victoria made me feel welcome and at ease. We spent some time discussing some of the issues I was experiencing so that she could plan my treatment accordingly. Once she began to do her work, I personally experienced seeing bright colors, even though I chose to wear an eye mask to block the light. Bright oranges, greens, blues, and yellows – each color seemed to represent a specific part of myself that needed healing. They brightened and dimmed throughout the session with a calming effect. After my first session, I felt noticeably lighter, as if invisible burdens had been lifted physically from my body. This effect lasted for at least 2 weeks after my treatment. With regular visits, I felt grounded, centered, and more evenly focused.

Victoria is a compassionate, gifted, and intuitive Reiki practitioner! I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for clarity, balance and focuses on their lives. It’s an inexpensive and completely noninvasive way to improve your overall well-being.

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